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Parry Joinery - Acoustic Doors

Parry Joinery - Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors are suitable for areas  requiring a higher than normal degree of sound insulation such as hospitals, schools etc.  The doors are soundproofed using the relevant accoustic seals fitted to the doors and frames.

Timber acoustic  doors are available in a wide range of veneer or laminate finishes and can be provided with a 30 minute (FD30) or 60 minute (FD60) fire resistance. 

 The following table provides some general guidelines on acoustic privacy in relation to sound reduction. 



Normal speech
30dB Loud speech clearly overheard
35dB Loud speech can be distinguished
40dB Loud speech heard but not intelligible
45db Loud speech heard faintly
50dB Loud speech and shouting can be heard with difficulty

For more specific technical details with regards to various seal options and accoustic ratings available please call our office for more information.