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Parry Joinery - Door Frames

Parry Joinery - Door Frames

Door frames and linings are a major part of our  production typically for commercial projects although we are just as happy to supply small individual projects.  Generally we supply frames fully assembled but where access or space is restricted we can supply frames loose for site assmbly.

Bespoke or standard

 All our frames are made to order and can be machined to any frame  section  width  and  dimension in any suitable species of timber.

Most linings are required in a simple square section but we can offer moulded  sections or stop chamfers if required.


All softwood and MDF linings are available as FSC or PEFC certified  if preferred.  Many hardwoods are available as either FSC or PEFC, subject to availability in the chosen species.  We are committed to the environment and still strive to find a suitable certified hardwood when required.

Fire Certified Frames

Linings are made with a trenched construction which are glued and screwed during assembly.  Linings can be either rebated from solid or fitted with planted stops, whichever is specified.

 External frames can be manufactured with the same flexibility as our internal linings but fitted with Aquamac weatherstrip as standard but we can also offer the Sealmaster range of seals for extra protection.

 Frames and linings  can be supplied  either primed or pre-finished or obviously unfinished for you to stain or paint to your own requirements.

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